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What exactly does one find on this webpage?

On this page one can find information regarding our fast growing line of eBooks and ePapers. Over the course of summer 2013 we will turn all of our existing books into electronic versions, whenever it is technically and legally possible. 



In our line of eBooks we offer: 

  • complete electronic versions of our printed books that are identical in content (on average 30% cheaper than the printed version), or
  • independently electronic editions (monographs and edited volumes). 



In our line of ePapers we offer:

  • articles lifted from scholarly anthologies, which can be immediately downloaded here at a discounted price (usually 5,00 EUR, with longer articles costing a bit more),
  • smaller scientifc writings, and
  • preliminary excerpts from upcoming publications from our publishing house.


How do you find what you're looking for on this website?

Search as you normally would in our online catalogue. Books and papers that are completelly or partially available electronically will be marked with the special icons seen above. The electronic version can be accessed by clicking on one of these icons. Acquisition and use are explained below. 


In what format can eBooks and ePapers be downloaded?


  • as a PDF (which can be read with Adobe Reader, which you can download for free for various operating systems by clicking HERE) and most commercially available eBook readers (for more details see this Wikipedia page), or
  • as an ePUB (which can be read on various forms of software [read about it HERE] as well as most eBook readers [works for all types save for the Amazon Kindle], tmartphones, tablets etc.Please inform of us of what device you own prior to downloading our product), or
  • in both formats.


How can eBooks and ePapers be purchased? 

The purchasing process if very simple, which is perhaps the biggest advantage of eBooks. Place your desired title in your online shopping cart. Pay via Paypal (other forms of payment are not accepted, but Paypal itself permits almost all payment methods). The files will become available to the customer for download immediately after the successful completion of payment, and will stay available for 48 hours. 


What are the legal terms and conditions?

Please note our special terms and conditions for downloading eBooks and ePapers. Our terms and conditions can be found HERE, and our cancellation terms HERE. Please note in particular the very limited right of withdrawal for eBooks and the prohibition against copy and resale, the court confirmation for which can be found HERE. 

New titles

Didaktik der Philosophie und Ethik. 3. Auflage (PDF)

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