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How to Design and Build a MicroMuseum in two weeks

Herausgegeben von Noennig, Jörg Rainer

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ISBN: 978-3-941298-23-1

TUDpress 2009

PAO , 4

Loseblattsammlung (Karten in zwei Boxen), ca. 10.5 x 15 cm, vollfarbig.

From August 25th through September 7th 2008, about 25 people - including architects, designers, craftsmen and artists, students as well as professionals - challenged themselves with another PAO Architecture Summercamp, the 4th session since 2005. This time, the participants had come from 7 countries: Germany, Romania, Czech, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Latvia. This group endeavoured in a highly ambitious task: How to design and build a Micromuseum in two weeks? For this, the village of Schwabhausen had offered a fantastic site in the village-center, next to the church. Expectations were high. How to tackle this problem? How did the group manage? - The images and texts in Box 1 trace back the "Biography" of the MicroMuseum by chronologically presenting each of the 14 days with their accomplishments, challenges - and puzzles.



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