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About Us

The Legend

If you're curious as to what Thelem means, we are more than happy to tell you!  It is a rather loose reference to the Abbey of Thelem from Rabalais' pentalogy, Gargantua and Pantagruel (1532-1564). In the Abbey of Thelem everything is possible, and it houses a collection of impossible books. The loose reference is that we do not one to be stuck in one of the Abbey's famous drawers, but instead – at least from time to time – produce one of culture's "impossible" books from the intermediate areas of knowledge.
The TUD in TUDpress stands for Technische Universität Dresden. The echo of the famous Anglo-Saxon university presses is no coincidence. We are, like they were, economically independent and have an academic operation that extends far beyond TU Dresden. 

The Reality

The most important realities of Thelem are our programs, which you can read about throughout this website, and our employees.

Eckhard Heinicke is the publisher of Thelem and TUDpress and business' biggest shareholder. He primarily oversees projects that are in the areas of editions, the humanities, and architecture.

Nadine Schüßler cares for almost all of TUDpress' projects. 

Anna Thelen is responsible for advertising and marketing, as well as other sorts of public relations. 

Thelem was founded in 1998, while TUDpress was founded in 2005. Since then we have produced and marketed more than 400 titles. 


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